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Trauma Informed Leadership

This page contains information and resources for growing in your Trauma Informed Leadership Skills. Whether delegated or assumed, if you are in a position of leadership then learning ways to be most effective while reducing harm and simultaneously increasing safety for your team, peers, organization, or company is a win-win-win for everyone. *Check out my YouTube channel for more clips and videos of me discussing various mental health and trauma informed topics.

Speaking Engagements Discussing Trauma Informed Leadership

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Trauma Informed Leader Learning Guide

This is a 20+ page self-guided digital download that offers insights and exercises for growing your skills. Easy to follow prompts with sheets for before & after comparison in yourself and your workplace after utilizing the skills. This is a great basic first step into Trauma Informed Leadership.

Trauma Informed Leader Learning Guide
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Crisis Response Guide

Trauma Informed Actional Steps to Triage a Mental Health Crisis in progress

Research-based and peer-reviewed Guide that allows any person, clinical or non-clinical, to easily identify and then address a person experiencing a psychological/emotional crisis or mental health emergency.

Think CPR for mental health. Any person can learn these skills to feel confident in helping a person, in any setting, to navigate a crisis and get the person in crisis necessary and appropriate aid. When providing CPR to someone not breathing, you are doing so to keep the person alive until proper medical staff can take over. This is the same concept: you can provide basic care to keep the person alive and safe until proper clinical staff can take over.

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