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Support Group Registration

Sarah offers 2 monthly support groups. Sarah also identifies with both of these support group demographics and is eager to share space with others. We need each other. We need community. Let's support one another in this profession and in life.  I'm happy to you're here. 

Refill Your Cup!

Inclusive & Trauma-Informed Support Group
Mental Health Providers & Licensed Professionals

Come as you are, and refill your cup! Open space for sharing, venting, discussing, encouraging and supporting one another in this unique and, often, draining, profession.

This is an open group format. Come once, come monthly, the choice is yours. Payment due at least 7 days prior to group meeting.

Every 3rd Thursday each month @ 12:00pm EST

Register and Pay per group, at least 7 days in advance.

MH Provider Support Group Image.png
PartnerSpouses Support Group image for website event.png

Every 3rd Thursday each month @ 1:00pm EST

Register and Pay per group, at least 7 days in advance.

Spouse/Partner of Person w/ Addiction

Inclusive & Trauma-Informed Support Group

If you are the spouse or romantic partner of someone with a substance use problem or addiction, this is the space for you.  Whether there's a topic to jumpstart the conversation or we're just venting & sharing, support and care exists here for you.

Exhaustion? Frustration? Just plain stuck and unsure what to do? I know personally the challenges that come with being partnered with someone who struggles with a substance addiction, both in recovery and in active addiction. I also know that ANON groups don't quite reach the unique dynamics of a romantic partnership. I have designed this space to be specifically for those in a partner relationship, and I have designed it for YOU, the partner, the spouse, because we also need safe, inclusive, supportive spaces for our struggle on this side of addiction. 

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