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Individual Psychotherapy

Sarah believes that everyone has a life in mind, a way they want to be, a way they want to live. Sometimes there are barriers or difficulties along the journey to becoming our ideal self. She wants to work with you as you navigate these struggles. Her goal is to create a safe place for you to be open, explore yourself, learn, grow, and, most importantly, heal.

She views her work with clients as collaborative, with each client as the expert about themselves. Sarah takes the time to learn and understand her clients to fully grasp the context for their symptoms or struggles. She welcomes feedback as to how she can adjust her initial approach to tailor each client's experience in therapy as their own.

Support Groups

If you're struggling with something and think you're alone with that struggle, then a support group may be the best resource for you. In support Groups, you and up to 9 other individuals who struggling with the same issues can come together for venting, support, sharing resources, getting perspective or advice. If your facilitator deems appropriate, psychoeducational information/materials may be brought into the support group sessions for added benefit.

SUD Partner Support

If you are the partner of someone with a substance use disorder (addiction), and the using partner is substance-free/in recovery, you may find resentments, poor communication patterns, codependency, and emotional unavailability as reasons you seek out support from a specialist.

If you are the partner of someone with a substance use disorder (addiction), and the using partner is in active addiction, you may struggle to make sense of what's happening, difficulty with setting appropriate boundaries, and embarrassment or shame amongst friends and family.

Do you live outside of Virginia or Maryland?

Could you benefit from a support group offered by Thrive & Shine Counseling?

GOOD NEWS! Support groups are available to anyone worldwide. No matter where you are located you can register for a support group--just be sure to check the time zone!

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