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Coaching & Consulting Services

Private Practice Consultation

Starting a private mental health practice does not require much start-up cost compared to many other types of companies or small businesses. And if you're a self-motivated individual, this could be the perfect move to make for your career. Participating in one-on-one consultation will equip you with all the information, and support & validation, you need to start your very own solo private mental health (or substance use disorder) practice!

Sarah O'Brien, LCSW has successfully negotiated contract rate increases (7% and 10%) with two of the leading health insurance companies in the country. . . as a SOLO provider!

Getting started...

Do you desire a flexible work schedule?

Do you love working with your clients but hate the business structure?

Have you been dreaming about starting your own private practice?

Trying to grow...

Do you already own your own PP and are struggling with client retention?

Would you like to negotiate rate increase with your insurance contracts?

Are you uncertain about where to access products and resources for your PP?

Making it easier...

Are you struggling to keep up with the "business" side of your PP?

Do you feel scattered and unorganized?

Would you like assistance streamlining processes for your practice?

Other Consult Areas

  • Trauma-Informed Communication/Language

  • Authentic Sharing & Developing Connection (especially for MH professionals struggling to find supportive community)

  • How to Address Addiction/Offer Support

  • Anything Mental Health or Trauma Related

  • Designing Website, Flyers, Logos, Look & Feel for Your Business Marketing

Coaching Services

What is Life Coaching? 

Form of personal development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing education, guidance. and accountability

*For Coaching & Consulting Services ONLY*

Coaching Areas

  • Effective & Assertive Communication Skills

  • Increasing Self-Confidence & Self-Worth

  • Body Image & Body Positivity/Love

  • People-Pleasing & Boundary Setting

  • Breaking Unwanted & Unhealthy Patterns

  • Managing Stress & Overwhelm Effectively

  • Address Negative Self-Talk & Self-Sabotage

Differences between
Coaching & Therapy

  • Therapy is about emotional processing & resolving past wounds​

  • Therapy is treatment for Mental Health Diagnoses & Disorders

  • Therapy requires advanced education, experience, & board certified license to practice

  • Therapy has more of a past + present focus

  • Coaching has more of a present + future focus

  • Coaching places the client more in the driver seat for change

  • Coaching can take place via video, phone, & anywhere in the world as it's not bound by state licensure requirements

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FAQ'S for Coaching Services

We can create movement in Life, Love, Business & Self

50% off
through 12/31/23!

  • Free 15 mins phone consult before scheduling

  • Cost for services:  $300/hour or $150/half hour

  • Video or phone availability

  • Packages available:

    • $1500 --> Five 60 min sessions used over 2 months​

    • $3000 --> Ten 60 min sessions used over 3 months

    • $4500 --> Fifteen 60 min sessions used over 4 months

    • $750 --> Five 30 min sessions used over 2 months

    • $1500 --> Ten 30 min sessions over 3 months

    • $2250 --> Fifteen 30 min sessions over 4 months

  • Why Coaching?

    • To focus on making one change at a time​

    • Learn tangible real-life skills that will benefit you

    • Avoids looking at symptoms and problems

    • Time to leverage your already-existing strengths to grow & apply new skills

YES! All of these!

More info on Microsite: Click Here

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