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Media + Press

Sarah O'Brien is available for press interviews, media appearances, writing projects, and consultation. Please contact for additional information.

Earplugs helpful for Anxiety (Well + Good, 2022)

9 Effective Couples Therapy Exercises by The Experts (Healing Collective Therapy, 2023)

Discovering Inner Presence: Explore the Power of New Mental Health Self-Regulation Tools (Integrate Trauma Informed Network Newsletter, 2023)

How to motivate clients who fail to do their homework (PsychReg, 2022)

30 Fun things to do with your friends this weekend (, 2023)

Coaching, Counseling, Consulting...What's the Difference? (Sarah O'Brien Blog Site, 2023)

How to Confront a Loved One About Fentanyl or Heroin Addiction (ABTRS, 2022)

5 Warning Signs your partner is a narcissist (The Silver Ink, 2023)

Self-Disclosure with Psychotherapy Clients…Good Idea or Not? (Belongly, 2023)

Healthcare provider burnout
(Belongly, 2022)

What are the benefits of using client-centered approach in counseling? (Linked In, 2023)

Building Bridges: How Mental Health Providers and Community Engagement go Hand in Hand

A Clinician's Point of View (Integrate Trauma Informed Network Newsletter, 2023)

Best Online Therapy Platforms & Is telehealth for everyone? (Marketwatch, 2022)

Psychotherapy is a Constant Hustle…but we don’t have to be Hustlers (Belongly, 2023)

Cannabis use while in recovery...yay or nay? (Belongly, 2023)

An AI tool that can be used for good…in terms of Neurodivergence and Mental Health (Integrate Trauma Informed Network Newsletter, 2023)

How to make friends as an adult (Up Journey, 2023)

6 Simple Tips To Help You Talk About Feelings With Your Partner (Fatherly, 2023)

How to do Mindfulness
(Belongly, 2023)

Misconceptions of Cannabis...The Real Deal Part 2 (Sarah O'Brien Blog Site, 2023)

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