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Working on a Computer

This practice uses a secure and HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform for your counseling sessions. My goal is to provide my clients with easy access to confidential, convenient, and consistent counseling support. A reliable internet connection is necessary and your counseling sessions can be facilitated on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. I do ask that you are in a private location for our meetings so that you feel comfortable sharing your story.

Life, responsibilities, relationships, and employment are all reasons why Telehealth Counseling is convenient. I am  very skilled at providing support for clients and helping them to achieve the goals that they identify. I have a specialized certification in providing mental health therapy via telehealth.

  • You have a very busy schedule, limited time, but you are ready to invest in your personal growth. It might be hard for you to commit to travel time + therapy, so needing to only block out one hour for yourself is much easier.

  • You have a lunch break or a break in your workday which allows you to take time to focus on yourself.

  • You have young children at home and arranging for childcare to attend your own therapy is difficult and costly.

  • You feel more comfortable in your own space, or you have limitations that make leaving your home challenging.

  • You live in another part of Virginia or Maryland, but you would really like to work together.

  • You travel for work frequently to other areas in Maryland & Virginia.

Why choose telehealth counseling?

Telehealth services and info

Taking Notes

Insurance   +   Telehealth

*If your insurance DOES NOT cover telehealth sessions with Sarah O'Brien, LCSW, you can pay out-of-pocket for telehealth services regardless of insurance coverage.*

I can provide Superbill.

Please check with your insurance to see if telehealth for behavioral health counseling is covered by your insurance plan, as sometimes there is different coverage for telehealth vs. in-person appointments. For example: 1)  meeting a separate deductible for telehealth services 2) higher copay for telehealth services 3) not covering telehealth services at all 4) only covering telehealth services with insurance-specific platforms or 'telehealth providers.' For example: TeleDoc

FUN FACT: Sarah enjoys reading books for fun (historical fiction & mystery) as way to take a break from screen time.

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